Anabolic Garden Testimonies

Anabolic Garden Testimonies from Kultura Film on Vimeo.

For the past eight years Los Angeles communities have planted and nurtured a two acre parcel of land, called the Anabolic Garden, at the downtown State Historic Park. Well over 600-volunteers have engaged and maintained the Garden since June 2011 alone.

Organically nurtured throughout these years the Anabolic became a home for native California flora and fauna, cultural campfires, nature walks, and indigenous gatherings. It closed on February 14, 2014, for the Park’s second phase of design. In a time of drought the Anabolic Garden offers a sustainable practice model of public engagement with public land.

The principle organization teaching maintenance and nurturance of flora and flora within an indigenous historical context was Everything Is Medicine (E.I.M.). Although the Anabolic Garden is now plowed under Everything Is Medicine continues to undertake this work in perpetuity.

The figurative seeds of the Anabolic Garden were planted by artist Lauren Bon and her artwork the Anabolic Monument, which also determined the Garden’s circular form. The project was funded through a collaboration of the Annenberg Foundation, California State Parks, and the State Parks Foundation.


Anabolic Garden:

State Historic Park:

Anabolic Monument: https://www.facebook.

Everything Is Medicine:

E.I.M as well.

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