Returning to Remember


This Sunday February 22 , 2015

EPFC’s February/March LA AIR artist Anna Luisa Petrisko and co-curator Marybelle MB present a night of magical and thought-provoking films. In Lagitan & The Ifugao, we get to know a Healer and take a closer look at the process of building an Ifugao healing hut. Bontoc Eulogy is a story of displacement and remembrance spanning four generations of Filipinos.

Filmmaker Nicanor Evangelista Jr. and initiator of The Ifugao Hut Healing Project Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan in attendance!

Lagitan & The Ifugao Hut
(11 minutes)

There was a Healer who have vivid dreams, visions about healing ancestral traumas and reviving geometric structures. One of the dreams is to build an Ifugao healing hut. In this video we had a chance to get to know the Healer and take a closer look of the process of building the hut.

The Ifugao Hut Healing Project was initiated by Mamerto LagitanTindongan, an Ifugao descendant and Mumbaki (shaman) who has a knowledge of the indigenous healing traditions of Northern Philippines. He is a Pilipin@-American immigrant based in Ohio, who practices a combination of both Eastern and Western healing traditions. He believes that performing a ritual at the former site of the St. Louis World’s Fair will help address the deep psychic wounds of his people and the colonial relations between Pilipin@s and the United States.
To know more about the ifugao healing hut visit

Bontoc Eulogy
(56 minutes)

In a story of displacement and remembrance spanning four generations of Filipinos, Bontoc Eulogy uses the experiences of the largest group displayed at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair to examine its continuing relevance as a defining moment in Philippine-American relations and Filipino American history. Told within a fictional framework, the story is told from the perspective of a first generation Filipino American who tries to trace what happened to his grandfather, a Bontoc Ifugao warrior, who was brought from the Philippines to be displayed at the St. Louis fair and who never returned to his village.


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