“Time Lapse Photography” Winter Solstice Jam with Cuco

this is a time lapse photography of “Time Lapse Photography” Winter Solstice Jam with Cuco


Winter Solstice jam Cuco Esperansa

I dedicate this musical prayer to my Filipino brothers
and sisters and their families who suffered the unexpected Tsunami of
October 2013 . Music is always an exceptional healing tool . Here we are
using a mix of Filipino and Mexica Pre-Columbian instruments . I give
thanks to Olivia Chumacero who arranged this sacred Tongva Space ; which
has been used for the gatherings of the original ancestors of these lands
for thousands of years .I also thank my young Filipino brothers and sisters
for inviting me to participate in this Harmony Creating Ceremony
Tlazocamatli Ipalnemoani Ometeotl.- Cuco Esperansa

This was a ceremony done on behalf of Everything is Medicine
for the Dec. 21st. Solstice of 2013

It was the ceremony being celebrated with the cultures who recognize the solstice as part of an integral part of their existence with our ancestors ; represented by the ofrendas there to witness and celebrate the communication from the past to the present to the future
All the instruments were precolumbian instruments who sounds were connected to the earth ; fire ; wind; water ; and mother earths children …who on this day we celebrate the new born sun as it reaches its southern most point and returns north ; or as we say , is reborn . In the Aztec culture we say this is the time the earth and all it’s children shed its old skin and is reborn to its new self ; mind ; body ;and soul …

thanks for being part of this memory
Cuco Esperansa
Olivia Chumacero
Diyan Valencia
Marybell Bustos
Agos Bawi
Cristina Golondrina
Angelica ( Low Leaf )
Tita Nenita Pambit
Venus Herbito
Zeroh & Shanggo
Nicanor Evangelista Jr.
and to everybody we forgot to mention

“to everybody who was there and forgot to include in the video ,
the editing of this video is based by moments while the actual event is happening
, nothing is planned out and scripted. this are real moments “